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Is your company ready to take on a digital transformation project?

Have you ever prioritized thousands of requirements across different stakeholders, evaluated dozens of solutions against them, and presented them in a maintainable format?

The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has sparked a large-scale digital transformation in many enterprises. While a complete digital redesign may overwhelm your existing business processes and negatively impact your entire client experience, a piecemeal approach may leave your company open to more aggressive competition.

As businesses shift towards digital software, their need for in-house applications has decreased. Digital business agendas have made it so that even big companies cannot bear the costs of building in-house applications. Companies using AI writing assistants usually have to buy off-the-shelf software rather than build their own. The competitive landscape for AI will continue to evolve, but at this juncture, most companies in the field are not willing to invest in robotics entirely. Companies require detailed requirements and solutions assessment processes that can be as burdensome to their current staff. Without a process, it may not be easy for companies to identify how they should move forward with projects.

Do you have advocates for digital transformation in your company?

That’s why having a champion or advocate in your organization is critical to the success of your transformation. It can be someone working on the sales team, ops team, or even within marketing. Your team will be going through a lot of change, and you’ll need advocates and leaders to help them not just get through it, but also to give the multi-disciplinary and multi-departmental support and insight that becoming digital-first necessitates.

Do you have access to the necessary knowledge?

Don’t be scared to use insiders when assessing the skills available within your business. Long-serving team members will have the most up-to-date information on your product, customers, and everyday operations. When your team gets skill gaps, think about whether you’re ready to hire and train new employees or if you need to make changes with personnel. Working with a trusted digital partner can help you supplement your organization’s digital initiatives, address knowledge gaps, and ensure proper adoption of standards.

It’s critical that any tactics requiring organizational transformation are precise and intelligent as your company navigates the economic instability caused by the worldwide epidemic. The greater your risks during this difficult period, the more easily you can end up over-extending yourself.



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