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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) Workforce Migration

Migrating to OCI will give you the full benefits of advanced security, compliance, and infrastructure scalability with a cost-effective and high-performing landscape. Cloud can be an excellent solution for your IT infrastructure. It’s easy to use, and provides a wide range of tools to meet your requirements – and the cloud’s API library is always growing and developing. OCI helps with workplace modernization, application modernization, infrastructure modernization, and database modernization.

OCI Advantage of Vgosh Info

  1. Digital transformation is the process of using an organization’s digital environment, new technologies, and procedures to enable fundamental operational and strategic system changes.
  2. Businesses have diverse requirements, which is why we design products compatible with a wide range of needs.
  3. Compliance auditing standards that are perfect for compliance
  4. Artificial Intelligence assisted Operations (AIOps) make use of advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to generate suggestions for improving operations.
  5. Local technology professionals, who are experienced abroad
  6. Evolve your entire managed service into a full-service operation with complete ownership.
it recruitment solutions


Cloud migration is only half the story. To unlock the full potential of their cloud investments, businesses need to make sure their IT environment is managed, which can be done by getting managed services from a Managed Service Partner. Most enterprises are now trusting their cloud to MS Partners in order to keep them updated.

There has been a big shift towards cloud-based managed services unfolding in many industries, but especially in the energy sector.

2020 – USD 200 billion

2025 and beyond – USD 300 billion

Framework for Vgosh Info Migration Factory for OCI


With a cloud infrastructure, you can make your workload better managed by using highly available, scalable, and secure design.


If you want to build a cloud strategy with a good return on investment, you need to consider the sensitivity of your ROI.

Configure and Control

Terraform and Cloud-Native technologies make it easier for you to strengthen your IT landscape.

OCI Managed Services Vgosh Info

Vgosh Info is trusted by many businesses across the world because of our reliable cloud-managed service. Our proven methodologies and experienced team of experts have set a benchmark for engineering excellence. We take full responsibility for your IT landscape and provide world-leading uptime with system-level assurance under one contract. Lately, we’ve seen a rise in a business where knowledge and process automation is required to handle their workload 24/7. We’ll ensure that your knowledge and processes are maintained for the better of your business so you too can maintain an audit-ready environment without compromising the quality of your services.

it recruitment solutions
it recruitment solutions

Vgosh Info AIOPs Powered Managed Services and Managed Security Services

  1. Oracle experts can help provide complete IT environment security. Phishing risks, credential theft, and other cyber threats are completely removed.
  2. Oracle needs tools and solutions that can improve your business now and in the future. Boosting your ODBA with Adobe Xerox, Oracle SPARC superclusters, DB services, and migration factory instead of relying on human copywriters will massively save time and effort for you.
  3. Automated monitoring with AI analytics tools can offer the promise of true 24/7 security at a fraction of the cost that has been traditionally associated with these technologies.
  4. Oracle Native tools and Vgosh Info security framework provides enhanced protection for your business.
  5. PCI DSS and ISO standard compliance
  6. A disaster recovery backup solution that is designed to keep your business running smoothly and without downtime
  7. The company’s corporate website offers a single view of their OCI landscape with Vgosh Info managed services.
  8. With the use of some modern technologies, your company can be made safer and more efficient than ever before. Real-time monitoring and automated threat detection & remediation are just two current innovations that can help you achieve this.

Why Vgosh Info?

Vgosh is an IT solutions provider that has been around for a long time. We work with many Fortune 500 companies, 75+ banks, and other organizations across the world. We are able to provide Managed Services for operational efficiency and security reasons, which means you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Leading enterprises across sectors have gained gold-class security and compliance by using us.

Multiple Cloud Capabilities

Security is built in accordance
There are more than
seven regulatory frameworks, 40 control objectives, and 26 techniques available.
Expertise in
transferring more than 40000 instances and 8000 databases.
resources for public
cloud deployment, CloudOps, DevOps, transformation, and migration.
For audit
preparedness, PCI DSS compliance must adhere to data localization requirements.
Business continuity
with a pre-integrated disaster recovery plan

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