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Vgosh Info Is Officially Partnered With

turnkey solutions singapore

Vgosh Info Is Officially Partnered With

turnkey solutions singapore

Sigmund Marketing uses AI to help you achieve the best ROI possible with social media and digital advertising.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Tools that help you generate leads by integrating with LinkedIn and Email are applied to revenue, demand generation.


Utilizing research and measurement, we identify the right steps to take to improve your brand.

turnkey solutions singapore
Content Creation
Content Creation

At Supercharge Lab, we use Sigmund's psychological insights into your target audience to create ad copy, social posts.

Ask Sigmund
Ask Sigmund

Ask Sigmund is a predictive analytics platform that helps you engage with your current customers.

Data Consulting
Data Consulting

At Supercharge Lab, we're experts in helping you build your data infrastructure and processes.

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The future of marketing is here and it’s called AI. Optimize your campaigns to find the right customers with AI!

   We have all the necessary tools to help you make better decisions and enhance your desired outcomes. Using artificial intelligence, deep learning, and a ton of data, we provide human decision-making processes combined with your goals to bring you what you want.

Meet Sigmund!

     Sigmund’s AI engine is capable of analyzing huge data sets and understanding how to anticipate what people want.

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The Sigmund Method

  1. Breadcrumbs Behind

     There are many ways we can leave digital traces when we use the internet. These traces may be followed by anybody providing they have the necessary skills.

2.  Psychological Profile Form

     We use your online activity and social media profiles to learn more about you. This allows us to make a better guess on who you are and what you’re looking for in order to provide a better service.

3.  Make Applicable Communication

     To optimize efficacy, we develop personalized messages for each person based on their psychological profile.

4.  Advanced Results

     We provide these precise & tailored messages to your client, which has been proven to significantly boost your outcomes.

top saas companies in singapore
top saas companies in singapore

Lead Generation

 Tools that help you generate leads by integrating with LinkedIn and Email are applied to revenue, demand generation, fundraising, and talent acquisition.

  1. Supercharged Onboarding

     Sigmund Sales is the industry leader in lead generation solutions, and our platform takes just five minutes to onboard. It’s safe, secure, and doesn’t store your information on any of our platforms. We guarantee that your emails won’t go to spam by actively testing and verifying your email DNS records.

2.  Supercharged Value

     For an affordable, all-in-one price, Sigmund Sales will create targeted, resonating messages for your key decision-makers and complement your sales efforts. We automate your prospecting and research through our onboarding process, so you can focus on your sales goals. You’ll be provided with a self-serving dashboard that determines the number of outbound emails and messages sent, the open and acceptance rate, and emails that are engaged or replied to—plus, there are never any hidden fees.

3.  Supercharged Outcomes

     Sigmund Sales’ industry-leading Lead Generation solutions have been served 75,326 times and have created over 18,314 sales conversations. It continues to drive conversations and create opportunities for its customers across multiple industries, including healthcare, technology and innovation, financial services, and more.


Utilizing research and measurement, we identify the right steps to take to improve your brand. We do this through the STEPPS framework. This process includes creating viral and meaningful content consistently for your target audience.

  1. Brand Measurement and Research

     Brand measurement and research are essential parts of the branding process, providing a strong foundation to build the brand strategy and create the brand identity. We specialize in qualitative and quantitative brand research, brand audits and reviews, as well as ongoing evaluation and measurement to keep your brand healthy and successful.

2. Brand Strategy

     Your brand strategy is the guiding light for your brand and all future communications. Supercharge Lab walks you through the process of crafting a brand strategy, building a strong brand foundation on your brand intent and voice. We’ll help you develop messaging that is aligned with your brand strategy and connect with your target audience.

3. Brand Creative

At our agency, we specialize in developing tailor-made branding solutions that will make your business shine. From brand naming, logos, and taglines, to website and collateral development, we’ve got you covered. We understand that books have covers for a reason, and we all know first impressions matter. That’s why our team works tirelessly to make sure your business looks and feels its best.

4. Brand Activation

     And now we bring your brand to life! We take your brand off the paper and unleash it in all its glory. We can build integrated campaigns for your launch, lead generation for digital and search marketing, creation of thought leadership strategy and content, PR & Events… The list goes on. We make sure that your brand evokes an emotional connection, in every form it takes and at every touchpoint.

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Content Creation

At Supercharge Lab, we use Sigmund’s psychological insights into your target audience to create ad copy, social posts, blogs, and articles that are easy, impactful, and resonate with your target audience at the click of a button. We employ a combination of GPT-3 models, Natural Language Inferencing, and Noah Berger’s STEPPS framework to create content that is easy, impactful, and resonates with your target audience.

Social Currency
People are constantly thinking about how they are perceived by others and they want to come across as smart, cool, and in the know. No one wants to feel left out or like they don't have access to important information.

Top-of-mind awareness is when your product or idea is the first thing that comes to mind for people in your target market. We consider the context and grow your brand through our content creation so that people are often triggered to think about your product or idea.
When we genuinely care about something and feel an emotional connection to it, we're more likely to share it with others. Emotional content often goes viral because it speaks to us on a deeper level, and as such, we focus on feelings rather than function.
Our products are designed and built to show and grow. The more public something is, the more likely people will imitate it. We design and create content that advertises and promotes itself.

Practical Value
Practical Value
News you can use. We all know that useful things get shared. So, we make sure to highlight the incredible value and expertise in your products and company so that people can easily pass it on.

Information often travels under the guise of idle chatter. Stories are powerful vessels that can carry your ideas and products along with them. We create a narrative or story that people want to tell, which allows us to Trojan Horse our way into their consciousness.

Ask Sigmund (Coming soon!)

Ask Sigmund is a predictive analytics platform that helps you engage with your current customers. It can predict behaviors such as increased risk-taking, high ROI, and increased propensity to churn.

Predictive Analytics & Visualization of data
Predictive Analytics & Visualization of data
A data-driven tool called Ask Sigmund can support you in making the following predictions: Sales churn among clients has an impact on your bottom line, willingness to transact at any time Determine which segments of your clientele are receptive to internal marketing by using promotional elasticity, Giving incentives and discount coupons to drive purchase decisions can prevent cart abandonment.
Customizing Solutions
Customizing Solutions
Supercharge Lab is the premier provider of custom solutions for building robust data models with legacy systems and databases. This allows you to unleash the full potential of your data, making sure that data is collected, processed, and stored correctly, and developing solutions that run on your own server (or in the cloud). All with the goal of allowing you to reap the benefits of a data-driven corporate strategy.

Data Consulting
Data Consulting
At Supercharge Lab, we're experts in helping you build your data infrastructure and processes from the ground up so you can create a data environment that is robust, efficient, and tailored to your specific business needs. We work with companies that want to understand how to assess customers' data structures and drive outcomes, and we help them create data infrastructure and processes that will allow them to do just that. We're excited to work with you and help you supercharge your data operations!

Supercharge Lab Solutions

Sigmund Sales

Sigmund is our artificial intelligence engine that uses AI to understand the human psychological approach to engagement and purchase decisions. Sigmund is currently applied to two business functions, Sales and Marketing.
Our B2C brand clients use Sigmund Sales to optimize their target audience and get new sales qualified leads. Sigmund helps to start conversations that matter, to the right people. As of February 2022, we have sent out 82,425 messages, that have started 19,569 conversations, leading to a
23.7% conversion rate.

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Digital Audit

Building a brand takes effort. Supercharge Lab will help you to make a sustainable global brand presence through:
   1. Assessment of your digital and social presence online
   2. Auditing the customer journey
 3. Benchmarking your sales and marketing strategy against two other competitive companies
  4. Development of an impactful digital and social media marketing strategy
 5. Continual iterations and assessment of the outcomes as derived from executing this said strategy

Our proprietary process ensures that brand equity is measured through a data-driven process, ensuring that you achieve and exceed outcomes based on objectives, and then build upon the outcomes achieved to leverage greater long-term growth. 

What we look into in a digital audit
Our in-depth and comprehensive digital audit focuses on these areas:
 1. Brand Voice
 2. Competitive Strategy
 3. Marketing Strategy
 4. Ideal Customer Profiles
 5. Audience Study
 6. Psychological Triggers
 7. Audience Interest
 8. Website Benchmark
 9. Search Engine Optimization
 10. Recommendations
 11. Opportunities

Sigmund Marketing

Supercharge Lab uses AI to improve traditional marketing ROIs, including customer acquisition which can be applied to:

1. Social Media / Digital Advertising
2. Email Marketing
3. Content Marketing

Sigmund Marketing uses the following social media channels to drive results:
1. LinkedIn
2. Facebook
3. Reddit
4. Instagram
5. Twitter
6. Google
Sigmund Marketing also creates hyper-accurate targeting and psychologically driven marketing messages that resonate with your brand voice.

top saas companies in singapore

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. Unpaid traffic may originate from different kinds of searches, including image search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.
Through a combination of best practices in SEO and SEM, Supercharge Lab will help you to drive a 1-page ranking, improve discoverability, and improve organic traffic.

Our SEO solutions offer:
1. Optimizing content, internal links, and keywords
2. Optimize their online brand presence through superior UI/UX
3. Ensuring a rigorous keyword and backlink strategy
4. Optimizing for social sharing and driving shareable content
5. Deep dive review of page speed, AMP, ahrefs, meta tags, site structure, and UI
6. Optimization of content, internal and external links
7. Keyword search, backlink strategies
8. Minify Javascript code, update all html and css requirements

Content Marketing

Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund AI content engine drives outcomes through your content by taking into consideration the psychological triggers that drive valuable actions that matter to you. Sigmund’s content engine generates content that is SEO optimized and psychologically targeted within seconds.

Our content marketing solution per month offers:

1. 20 graphic creations to continue to engage your audience which:
2. 4 blog posts that speak brand value and story
3. 1 whitepaper or case study that builds thought leadership and credibility
4. Web-optimized content that includes internal links, keywords, and psychological triggers
5. Social media content to help drive traffic and engagement
6. Includes graphics, content copy, hashtag strategies, keyword research, and publishing across up to six social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube)

Specific to your needs, Supercharge Lab offers two types of packages for Content Marketing:

Engagement Package
1. 20 pieces of content per month adapted across up to 5 social media platforms of which
2. 4 blog posts
3. 1 technical whitepaper

Technical Content Package
1 10 technical whitepapers

Both engagement and technical content packages include:
1. Social media graphics, charts, and hashtags
2. Keyword research and inclusion in all technical whitepapers
3. Updating meta tags and meta descriptions on the website

Email Marketing

Incentivizing referrals and building a pipeline of new users Engaging your captive audience
1. Create on-brand email templates
2. Create the right “hooks” CTAs, and ensure impactful messaging through emails
3. Assess if the messaging suits the audience through rigorous A/B testing Improving Engagement
4. Growing client acquisition through the right targeting tools
5. Improving open and click-through-rates and directing the right audience to your website
6. Ensure client retention

Supercharge Lab’s email marketing solutions offer the following:
1. Up to 3 email campaigns, each with 3 email sequences
2. Up to 2 newsletters
3. Includes design, copy creation, audience segmenting, and optimization for CTAs

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is an online advertising model where advertisers launch experiments to identify their best audiences, creatives, and campaign mechanics that drive the highest advertising performance.

It is also sometimes called biddable media or PPC advertising. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising as you usually pay every time someone clicks on your ads.

This model is usually opposed to earned or owned advertising where you can use a platform to push your content for free i.e. Facebook or LinkedIn posts.

Web and Funnel Development

Supercharge Lab is proficient with sites such as WordPress, Kajabi, Google Sites, and ClickFunnels. Here are some potential capabilities that we could drive:

UI/UX + Discoverability
1. To build comprehensive websites and optimize your online brand presence through superior UI/UX and drive discoverability through SEO/ SEM, optimizing for social sharing and driving shareable content

Creation/Re-creation of Landing Webpage
1. To create/re-create single page or multi-page development for your website to drive leads and funnel them into the webpage

Ask Sigmund

A Cognitive Analytical Engine that gains complex business insights and takes actions to help organizations to optimize their performance in sales, marketing, and more.

How does Ask Sigmund work?
Ask Sigmund utilizes AI/ML techniques to help bridge the gap between abundant data and the need to make real-time decisions, a solution to help your brand to unlock the value of its CRM and sales development representatives through:
1. Utilizing data to rank MQLs and SQLs based on intent to buy
2. Replicate best practices of top-performing SDRs to the rest of the organization
3. Identify strategies to convert “on-the-fence” prospects by identifying similar multi-variable attributes

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