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E-Commerce Solution in Singapore

Easy to Integrate
Easy to Integrate

When we state that our solutions integrate seamlessly with your current systems, we really mean it.

Multi-Vendor E-Commerce website
Multi-Vendor E-Commerce website

Vendors should have complete freedom and openness so they may register quickly and begin selling.

Users Journey
Users Journey

Nurture your existing customers by understanding their needs, wants, and desires to know what will make them stick with you rather than go somewhere else.

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Logistic Integration
Logistic Integration

An increasingly popular corporate management strategy to speed up product delivery and enhance customer service is integrated logistics.

Headless E-Commerce
Headless E-Commerce

Traditional eCommerce's limits and flaws are all eliminated by headless eCommerce, which is a better alternative.

Unique UI
Unique UI

When it comes to designing a user interface, think about the qualities that set your design apart from other brands in the industry.

An online marketplace may help your business grow

Vgosh Info is a Marketplace Platform that caters to all of your requirements, including B2C, B2B, B2B2C, Channel, Procurement, and more.

  1. Marketplaces for Business-to-Business Communications.
  2. Platforms for Procurement.
  3. Markets for Businesses.
  4. Supplier Channel/Supply Chain Solutions for Multi-Store eCommerce.
  5. CXML Solutions with Punchout.
  6. Marketplaces for Distributors.


  1. Agility and dependability will help you grow faster.
  2. Use the Marketplace SaaS Suite Platform to deploy your plan and start generating revenue right now.
  3. Control and track all activity, including catalogs, sales, sellers, and suppliers.

What is a Marketplace?

A marketplace allows buyers and sellers to connect and, if desired, transact. Marketplaces can have numerous tiers of suppliers, and they can be connected to a current e-commerce system or installed separately utilizing an all-in-one solution like Vgosh Info.

  1. Suppliers maintain their inventory in the categories to which they have been assigned.
  2. Product support, storage, and product procurement are all provided by suppliers.
  3. Adding suppliers to your online business allows you to quickly test new markets and enhance sales.


  1. Take advantage of our market experts’ suggestions.
  2. Discover and appreciate our team’s finest practices. Our expertise will support you from concept through delivery, regardless of your difficulty or industry.

Marketplaces for Purchasing

For controlling expenditures and RFP/RFQ procedures, a B2B marketplace offers a more flexible and powerful alternative to a typical procurement system.

Marketplace for Spend Management

Suppliers will apply for clearance to be featured on your private marketplace, which is exclusively available to your internal staff and workers, or to have their catalogs accessible via CXML Punchout.

Marketplace For Bids And Tenders

Allow permitted suppliers to view or register interest in a tender by posting bids and tenders on your private marketplace.

Direct to Consumer (D2C)

Eliminate intermediaries from your selling process to make it easier. Instead, sell to your customers directly. D2C sites allow you to develop strong client connections, establish brand ownership, and collect vital data.

it recruitment solutions
it recruitment solutions
it recruitment solutions

Marketplaces for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C

Using a B2B marketplace, you may streamline your processes and connect buyers and vendors. Suppliers may be easily onboarded, and their product knowledge can be used to assist customers in your marketplace.

Marketplaces for Distribution Channels

Manufacturers, you may now simply and quickly enable your distributors and resellers to purchase your products. Upgrade your existing Distributor Management System (DMS) to a multi-tier, contemporary eCommerce marketplace. 

Marketplaces for Businesses

Extend your assortment to dramatically enhance your income. Quickly integrate new items to satisfy changing market demands. Allow your vendors to handle product support and sourcing.

Personalization with AI

With analytics playing a key part in delivering user insights, AI uses the data from analytics to better understand and react to customer behavior by creating personalized messages. They can also recommend things based on the user’s history. A personal touch is vital in helping people make purchasing decisions. It makes it easier for customers if they can just click on what they want to buy as soon as they land on your site instead of having to search for it. This eliminates the need for decisions to be made and keeps customers around longer thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Making Informed Decisions

AI is helping eCommerce vendors in getting high-quality insights about their customer behavior and this helps them in making informed decisions. AI has simplified the whole modeling, and analysis process and helped to make reliable decisions that result in a better customer experience. There’s no need to spam people with generic emails. With automation, you can customize messages to fit their needs, which means that recipients know that you care about them.

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it recruitment solutions
it recruitment solutions

The Future Of E-Commerce And Artificial Intelligence

The e-commerce industry has been steadily changing over the past decade, and this change has led to new purchasing methods. E-commerce sales are predicted to exceed $600 billion by 2020, which is a big increase in just four years. It’s no secret that e-commerce is evolving and as competition increases service providers are coming up with great new ideas to improve customer experience.

AI For eCommerce

AI is not the next big thing. It already IS one. Giants like Google have invested heavily in AI of late and improved the user experience for shoppers (at least, those who appreciate a good shopping experience). With 85% of customer interactions conducted without the need for human support, artificial intelligence will be critical for businesses. Many e-commerce sites are already taking advantage of AI chatbots and are reaping benefits. Chatbots can help your business by engaging customers and ensuring they are at peace with their purchase decision.

E-commerce Solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence

AI is a growing technology with a lot of potential for growth. As it becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, it will continue to change them in ways we can’t predict. One way that AI could have an impact is by providing opportunities for customers.

Why Vgosh Info?

Capabilities in Abundance
Capabilities in Abundance
Our Marketplace Platform for SaaS Suites has never-before-seen components, features, filters, and criteria.
Provides flexibility and customization to develop your own marketplace platform, which meets all of your demands.

We'll take care of the platform and infrastructure while you focus on your business.

Quick Deployment
Quick Deployment
Using our Marketplace Platform for Turn-Key Solutions, you can shorten your time to market.
Excellent Reliability
Excellent Reliability
Use our established, strong infrastructure to protect your business.
No-Cost Alternative
No-Cost Alternative
Fits your budget, no matter what your demands, industry, or stage are.

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