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For The Best In VPN Solutions

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cloud storage singapore

For The Best In VPN Solutions

Easy to Start
Easy to Start

Company resources are strained by security solutions that are difficult, expensive, or time-consuming to implement.

Easy to Scale
Easy to Scale

We provide agile businesses with the tools to scale at their speed because they change and grow at different rates today.


Create teams to split the network, authorize users, and build gateways based on the degree of employee trust.

ovh singapore
Easy to Combine
Easy to Combine

We are aware that not all organizations are the same and not all cloud services are compatible with one other.

Device & NordLayer App
Device & NordLayer App

Log on to your device using a secure authentication mechanism. Open the NordLayer app, log in securely, and configure multi-factor authentication.

NordLayer Cloud
NordLayer Cloud

By using a NordLayer secure tunnel to connect to work apps, activity from users outside the network boundary is encrypted.


NordLayer in Singapore

What we're about

NordLayer is a virtual private network (VPN) solution for businesses hosted in the cloud. Get enhanced digital protection, secure remote access, and easy network management from the world’s most recognized VPN brand.

Case Studies

Remote access that is secure

Configure encrypted segmented access to the company’s networks.  Get dedicated servers with set IP addresses to make accessing business resources simple and secure.

Remote Work

Safeguard remote workers and provide them with immediate access to corporate resources. With our unified Control Panel, you can easily protect sensitive home networks and personal devices while also managing your network.

Prevention of cyber-threats

Your network endpoints and data traffic are better protected against today’s cyber threats with AES 256-bit encryption, ThreatBlock malware blocker, two-factor authentication, SSO, and Kill switch.

NordLayer in Singapore

Security for your network that grows with your company

Adaptable To The Changing Rate Of Business Growth
We've discovered that our customers can't always forecast or prepare for their growth rate; as a result, they require solutions that can change and adapt to their shifting growth rates and conditions.
Flexible In Response To Ad Hoc Requests
Businesses may find themselves in situations where security solutions are required, even if only for a short time. They need to be simple to set up and scale.
Integration Without A Glitch
Companies throughout the world frequently have a collection of solutions in place that need to be either efficiently replaced or simply integrated to function in conjunction with their existing infrastructure.
Supply Chain
Supply chain analytics is the analysis of information companies draw from a number of applications tied to their supply chain, including supply chain execution systems for procurement, inventory management, order management, and transportation management.
Data scientists identify the analytical assets, such as models, notebooks, and RShiny apps to publish to the data catalog. You can add relationships with other assets, and explore these relationships. Users can collaborate on these assets by rating them and adding comments.
Manufacturing analytics is the use of operations and events data and technologies in the manufacturing industry to ensure quality, increase performance and yield, reduce costs, and optimize supply chains With manufacturing analytics, you get actionable insights in real time.

Case studies:

Companies are Safeguarded
Users that are active
team advisors
There are more than global server sites


  1. Instead of a traditional VPN, which pushes the connection to the HQ firewall, making it open to everyone with no additional filters, the next-generation network as a service restricts access to the network and hides firewalls – only traffic that is needed goes to HQ/Company DC – only traffic that is needed goes to HQ/Company DC instead of traditional VPN, which pushes the connection to the HQ firewall, making it open to everyone with no additional filters.
  2. Encrypted communication not only assures a speedier Internet connection but also adds an extra layer of security by preventing hackers from seeing your traffic if it is compromised.
  3. IP whitelisting and gateway access control allow segregated teams to access cloud or firewall resources. IP whitelisting relieves you of the worry about DDOS assaults or if your employees’ passwords are leaked.
  4. ThreatBlock Malware Blocker ensures that your PC and internal network are free of malware.
  5. ZTNA – software-defined perimeter (SDP) puts a border around apps that keep them hidden from discovery and public visibility, enabling only trusted brokers to access them.
  6. Beautifully simple to use, allowing you and your employees to relax and enjoy the service rather than having to worry about it.
  7. A centralized Control Panel Is a simple and intuitive Control Panel that does not take a Ph.D. to use and is specifically created for businesses to set up remote access for the entire team, monitor network, and visibility, and have a centralized invoicing system.


    1. NordLayers’s brains are the same people who created NordVPN, one of the most trusted B2C VPN brands in the world.
    2. Third-party auditors – Versprite applications, PwC for no logging – tested NordVPN. NordLayer is being built with the same best practices in mind.
    3. To supply our services, we use AES 256-bit data encryption traffic, ZTNA infrastructure, IKEv2, and OVPN.
    4. SOC 2 and ISO 27000 certifications are in place at NordLayer. The certification process should be completed by the end of Q3 2021.

Industry leaders use it all around the world

How do NordVPN Teams Interact

    1. Users establish a connection with the app/broker. Users can log in using their email address and password, or they can use SSO solutions for added protection.
    2. Tokens are used to link the user to the VPN network after they have been authenticated in the app. The credentials have been separated.
    3. The users’ administration portal stores app credentials, while the VPN network credentials are stored in a separate database.
    4. We employ diskless servers in the VPN network to boost security. The VPN network does not save any information.
cloud storage singapore
cloud storage singapore
NordLayer in Singapore
NordLayer in Singapore


Basic Plan(Cloud VPN)

  1. It functions similarly to a cloud VPN as a service, delivering encrypted communications and a secure network for your employees to use.
  2. NordLayer Basic is ideal for marketing teams monitoring geo-targeted campaigns or QA teams testing globally because locations can be hidden and updated in seconds.

Advanced Plan (Remote access VPN)

  1. It works as a next-generation remote access VPN.
  2. In minutes, you may get on-demand access to dedicated servers and set up secure access to company resources.
  3. Each server has its dedicated IP address, providing your business with unrivaled protection and flexibility.
  4. Team segmentation and seamless access to clouds or firewalls are made possible by IP whitelisting and gateway access control.

Enterprise Plan (Site-to-site VPN)

Site-to-site communication in the next generation To connect different LANs and create secure tunnels between faraway offices or networks, use a virtual private network (VPN).

Give your squad the protection they need.

With a cloud remote access VPN, you can improve your security posture and safeguard your company right now.

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