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Web hosting
Web hosting

As Asia long-standing web hosting experts, we offer maximum control and versatility.

Private Cloud
Private Cloud

The private Cloud platform gives organizations complete control of their dedicated Cloud environment that is compliant and robust.

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Servers

We have a range of world-class manufactured in-house servers, ready to be installed in the OVHCloud.

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Public Cloud
Public Cloud

Your projects will be hosted in a secure or scalable cloud environment. You also have many available options.


Cost-effective and robust answer with excellent performance, security, and versatility.

Enterprise solutions
Enterprise solutions

We're specialized in Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning so you'll have the ultimate experience on all your projects.

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Inside OVH Cloud

We’re always working to improve how our product makes people feel. We want to create an environment where they can collaborate and feel more invested in what we do. We want everyone to enjoy their own personal experience while using our product.

  1. 32 data centers in 12 different locations
  2. This network is designed to have 49 Points of Presence, with a total bandwidth of 22 TBPS
  3. 2450+ Employees worldwide
  4. A private cloud VM with 117,000+ running instances
  5. Your physical servers in our data centers can handle up to 395K devices.
  6. Over 1 million servers have been produced since 1999
  7. Over 340K cloud instances are running
  8. 140 countries and 1.6 million customers
  9. 1.5 billion euros invested since 2016
  10. Over twenty years of disruptive innovation since 1999
  11. P.U.E. of 1.14 Energy efficiency indicator
cloud storage singapore

OVHcloud in the Asia Pacific

  1. We have world-class data centers located in Sydney and Singapore, as well as regional offices in Melbourne, Singapore, and Bangalore.
  2. Sustainable by design
  3. The Open, Innovative, and Competitive (OIC) cloud model is a set of principles and guidelines for the creation and operation of cloud computing systems.
cloud storage singapore
cloud storage singapore

What We Do

OVH Cloud is one of the most prestigious and well-respected cloud providers, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They offer data management services that are not only competitive, but that outperform the competition on all fronts. This, combined with their excellent customer service, has made them a frontrunner in today’s competitive market.

  1. Hosted Private Cloud
  2. Cloud of bare metal
  3. The Public Cloud
  4. The Web Cloud
  5. Capacity
  6. Protection and Network

OVH Cloud offers four distinct product universes, each designed to meet a specific set of needs: Baremetal Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Web Cloud.

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About Data Sovereignty

Data sovereignty is an important consideration for any organization that stores data in the cloud. Your cloud provider’s location dictates your data sovereignty options, so it’s important to choose a provider that can meet your needs.

cloud storage singapore
cloud storage singapore
cloud storage singapore

The Active Ecosystem of OVHcloud

  • Partner Program: We help companies and organizations of all sizes unlock the full potential of digital technology to create more agile, customer-centric businesses and drive growth.
  • Open Trusted Cloud: We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are based on a trusted, open, and interoperable cloud. We believe that this is the best way to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible.
  • Start-up Program: It’s more important than ever to support new ideas and emerging startups.
  • Marketplace: Our mission is to support the growth and success of SaaS and PaaS publishers hosted on our infrastructures, by providing them with the best tools and resources available.
  • Technologies: Streamline business processes by integrating with market-leading technologies and Open Source platforms.

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