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AI and ML Development in Singapore

Vgosh Info, a US-based company, specializes in AI and ML development, providing tailored software solutions to enhance businesses based on their unique needs.

Services We Provide

Our skilled team excels in addressing your challenges through AI and ML technologies, covering design, testing, and maintenance. Leveraging our extensive experience, we establish collaborative processes, ensuring success on local or international scales.


Explore the possibility of engaging our artificial intelligence and machine learning developers to propel your online platform or application toward success, whether on a local or international scale. A robust online presence is a hallmark of successful businesses, regardless of size. Vgosh Info is here to empower your enterprise. With our skilled team, you can elevate your company, establish yourself as a market leader, attract a multitude of unique daily visitors, and witness the growth of your enterprise firsthand.


Vgosh Info’s team is dependable. Opt for our professional agency, and you can eliminate concerns regarding vacation time, stock options, unemployment, recruitment duration, and paperwork, as we will handle all these aspects. We empower you to determine your preferred level of involvement, and we adapt to meet your specific needs.


Throughout the years, we've served numerous clients. The applications we've published on the Google App Market and the App Store have been downloaded by tens of thousands, yielding both profit and publicity for the owners. Our seasoned consultants, well-versed in IT intricacies and their positive impact on various industries, have guided numerous aspiring entrepreneurs to mainstream success. At Vgosh Info, we partner with startups, mid-sized businesses, and large corporations, providing our expertise when they require application development for in-house use or seek to distinguish themselves in the broader market competition.

Make a Decision

If you have a concept you want to turn into reality, consider enlisting Vgosh Info's AI & ML development team. Reach out to us via a call or message, and we'll offer confidential assistance, evaluate your ideas, and propose both a financial plan and a promotional strategy for your app or integrated software.

AI & ML Development Services

Predictive Analytics

Deploying algorithms to predict future trends and behaviors based on historical data.

AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Creating virtual agents capable of interacting with users using natural language.

Reinforcement Learning

Implementing algorithms to enable AI models to learn from their environment through interaction and feedback.

Deep Learning Services

Specialized services for constructing and training deep neural networks for complex tasks.

AI for Internet of Things (IOT)

Integrating AI with IoT devices to facilitate intelligent data analysis and decision-making.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Developing applications that can comprehend, interpret, and generate human language.

How We Construct Successful AI Applications


In the initial phase of our collaborative journey, transparency is our priority. We work closely with you to establish a clear plan of action and develop a detailed roadmap for the deployment of the application. Throughot each development stage, active participation and discussions with you are actively encouraged.


At Vgosh Info, a skilled team of designers creates an accurate user journey map to anticipate its intuitive nature and functionality. Our user-friendly interfaces are crafted based on extensive research, enhancing our understanding of how clients will interact with the app.


With a decade of experience in iOS and Android development, we take pride in delivering secure, customized mobile solutions. Collaborating closely with our clients, we create a supportive environment to bring their boldest ideas to life.

Craft a Stunning AI or ML Application in Six Simple Steps

Define The Problem

Identify the real-world issue you aim to address with AI or ML. This could involve image recognition, natural language processing, predictive analytics, recommendation systems, robotics, and more.

Data Collection and Preprocessing

Acquire high-quality data pertinent to your problem. Data serves as the lifeblood of any AI/ML application. Clean, preprocess, and format the data to render it suitable for training and testing your models.

Choose and Train the Model

Opt for an appropriate machine learning algorithm or AI model that aligns with your problem. Common choices encompass neural networks, decision trees, support vector machines, and others. Train the model on your preprocessed data and fine-tune it for optimal performance.

Validate and Evaluate

Segment your data into training and testing sets. Utilize the training set to train the model and the testing set to validate its performance. Assess the model's accuracy, precision, recall, F1-score, or other pertinent metrics to ensure its effectiveness.


Once armed with a well-trained and validated model, prepare it for deployment. Depending on your use case, deployment may involve integration into a web application, a mobile app, or an existing system.

Monitor and Improve

Continuously monitor your AI/ML application's real-world performance. Gather user feedback, track key metrics, and utilize this information to make enhancements and fine-tune the model for superior results.

Industries We Cater To


As a globally renowned application development agency, we possess extensive technological expertise that extends across various industries. Leveraging insights gained from numerous projects, we specialize in crafting custom software and mobile applications for partners in warehousing, logistics management, container shipping, transportation, and courier delivery markets.Vgosh Info provides tailored Transport and Logistics Software Development to enhance business efficiency, planning, shipping, and delivery timelines. Our solutions empower logistics companies to gain a competitive edge.


Vgosh Info creates tailored enterprise software solutions to enhance your business processes, incorporating trends, efficiency, deep insights, and more. Our team collaborates with corporate partners to boost revenue streams and enhance competitive advantages through the utilization of customized products and technology. With extensive experience in developing bespoke software, Vgosh Info has successfully delivered numerous projects aimed at improving business efficiency through IT products. Our assistance encompasses various aspects, including streamlining inventory management, automating services, implementing digital reporting and analysis tools, and enhancing customer experience analysis.


Vgosh Info offers software solutions tailored for startups to enhance business processes and leverage trends, efficiency, deep insights, and more. As seasoned business consultants, we can transform your business ideas into reality. Vgosh Info specializes in developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for startups, swiftly establishing basic functionality to ensure your business is ready for deployment without delays. Additionally, we provide more intricate bespoke solutions for larger enterprises.


Vgosh Info specializes in Healthcare Software Development to enhance your business processes, incorporating trends, efficiency, deep insights, and more. As a thriving industry, Healthcare benefits significantly from Info’s dynamic contributions to its growth. Recognized as a critical sector, the medical industry continually seeks new technologies to modernize, automate, and streamline various aspects of patient care and hospital management. Our tailored solutions aim to enhance patient well-being, staff efficiency, and overall success for any healthcare practice.


Vgosh Info offers Education Software Development to enhance processes within your business, incorporating trends, efficiency, deep insights, and more. With our expertise as business consultants, we can assist in transforming your business idea into a tangible IT project. Vgosh Info is extensively involved in developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for startups and delivering complex, tailor-made solutions.


Vgosh Info provides custom Real Estate and Property Management Software Development to enhance your business processes and align them with the latest trends, efficiency standards, deep insights, and more. Our tailor-made software is increasingly becoming the preferred tool for Real Estate professionals and prominent construction companies globally. With years of experience in Real Estate development, Vgosh Info brings extensive expertise in addressing industry-specific challenges, reducing costs, streamlining workflows, expanding outreach, and fostering business growth for you and your enterprise.


Vgosh Info offers Finance Software Development services to enhance your business processes, leveraging trends, efficiency, deep insights, and more. Our specialization lies in financial app development, where we excel at transforming concepts into market-ready applications, ensuring you reach the widest audience with a top-quality product. At Vgosh Info, we aim to serve as your guide throughout the entire development process, assisting you in turning your conceptual application into a profitable reality.


Vgosh Info offers HoReCa & Tourism Software Development to enhance your business processes, incorporating trends, efficiency, deep insights, and more. Recognizing the demanding nature of running a catering business, where being constantly on the move is essential, we acknowledge that spending all day in front of a computer isn’t practical. Leveraging your business expertise and our skilled development team, Vgosh Info specialists can create a customized software solution for your restaurant, cafe, bistro, or any culinary establishment. These applications aim to enhance and streamline crucial processes for both businesses and customers.


Vgosh Info offers software development services tailored for IT and telecom industries to enhance business processes, incorporating trends, efficiency, deep insights, and more. A customized software solution can optimize back-office processes, and technical support practices, facilitate test and diagnostic automation, simplify troubleshooting, ensure high-quality testing, and provide 24-hour monitoring for your software system, among other benefits.


Vgosh Info offers marketing software solutions designed to enhance processes within your business, providing advantages such as staying updated with trends, improving efficiency, gaining deep insights, and more. Now, you can have complete control over all your comprehensive marketing needs, including content creation, social media management, market research and analysis, promotions and campaigns, distribution, brand awareness, client databases, advertising budgets, and data management. All of this can be efficiently handled with real-time visibility through your tailored software solution from Vgosh Info.


Vgosh Info specializes in the development of E-Commerce and POS software to enhance your business processes, leveraging the latest trends, efficiency, deep insights, and more. With nearly a decade of experience, Vgosh Info has been crafting e-commerce applications designed to attract new visitors, foster customer loyalty, and seamlessly handle numerous buyers from around the globe. Our apps provide an unparalleled user experience, ensuring client engagement and repeat business.


Vgosh Info offers Entertainment Software Development services aimed at enhancing your business processes, leveraging industry trends, optimizing efficiency, gaining profound insights, and more. Whether you seek to deliver a distinctive user experience or embark on an ambitious entertainment project, our expertise is here to ensure your success.


Vgosh Info offers Hospitality Software Development to meet the high expectations of consumers and address the specific needs of your business. Our hospitality software can handle various tasks, including room booking, payment processing, scheduling, housekeeping, customer relationship management (CRM), reporting, and more. With our team’s extensive experience in working with big data, we are ready to provide you with the optimal solution.


Vgosh Info offers Pharmaceutical Software Development to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical sector and assist in achieving market leadership. Regardless of a company’s size, whether in wholesale or retail distribution, our team will identify the most effective solutions.


Vgosh Info offers Construction Software Development services to enhance your business processes, incorporating the latest trends, deep insights, and more. Our team delivers comprehensive software solutions for companies looking to digitize construction business processes, optimize operational efficiency, and boost revenue.


Vgosh Info offers software development services tailored for the automotive industry to elevate customer experiences, boost revenue, and streamline operational costs. Our team is eager to create products that optimize online business management, IoT-connected car software, advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous driver systems, and more.

Synergizing Success

Vgosh Info's Dynamic Collaborations

We collaborate with over 500 businesses, serving startups, small & medium businesses, and enterprises.




Vgosh Info boasts a talented team of designers, developers, project managers, testers, and marketing specialists dedicated to excellence.

Beyond development, our comprehensive suite of Maintenance and Support services ensures your software's smooth operation:

- Regular Updates and Upgrades

- Performance Optimization

- Bug Fixing

- User Support

Trust Vgosh Info as your reliable partner for software excellence. Share project details, and we'll respond promptly.

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