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We look at how e-commerce is evolving, and how the technological advancements it's undergone will transform online shopping.

We look at how e-commerce is evolving, and how the technological advancements it’s undergone will transform online shopping.

Shopping online is the new normal. Consumers now expect it to be easier and more convenient than ever before. They also know when they place their order that it will go from their living room to their doorstep in days – not weeks or months. With promises of simplicity, speed, and the shift to online shopping due to pandemics, e-commerce has had a really huge boost over the last few years. E-Commerce stores are predicted to grow by 10% per year globally over the next decade. Last year, retail e-commerce sales topped $2T with an expected growth of $1T in 2025. As virtual reality becomes more accessible, it will transform the way we shop. Online shopping is only going to grow as a result of these new shared virtual spaces and environments. In the not too far future, shoppers may be able to create fully customized digital shopping experiences – from consulting with virtual advisors to customizing physical & virtual items, and seamlessly moving between devices & platforms. Already, e-retailers are looking to provide a more personalized experience that includes immersive tech and more.

By focusing on immersive content, we’ll soon be able to experience the metaverse. AR, next-generation 3D technology, and new devices such as smart glasses will allow you to have a hyper-relevant experience. Chat commerce tools like Skype and tab try-on enable more shoppers to go online and do their shopping. Platforms can also shift easily to suit the needs of shoppers globally, and enable easy access for different cultures, communities, and countries.

We’ll discuss the advent of new e-commerce technologies and what their impact will be on the industry’s future including:

Conversational commerce provides a direct line of contact from customers whilst still on the site, providing them with an easy way to get in contact with their queries without losing their place and having to move away from the page.

• A headless e-storefront is even better, for now, time, with no IT backend needed.

• Personalized OTPs now offer a customized selection for every customer, making your experience more enjoyable.

3D assets and virtual try-on help customers see how products look.

• Metaverse tech makes shopping immersive & engaging

• Crypto wallets are anti-malware, meaning they don’t allow anyone to access critical information and data without your permission. This makes checkout faster and more secure for customers.

This infographic shows how we could do an online shop in 2030, with different statements of technologies and innovations that will influence her experience.



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